How to do fall right!

Hello again! We’ve got chilly mornings and shorter evenings and to my own surprise I’m actually really liking this change, I never thought I would gladly dismiss summer this year but I’m here for some slow cooking food and hot chocolate. I’ve thrifted this new blazer this month, of course […]

Which pieces I can’t wait to wear this fall

I am in love with my new boots, they aren’t preloved. I loved them at first sight and to me they are a classic boot, why they are going to survive in my closet enough years that I can justify to buy something newly produced.  Of course these boots are […]

Multipurpose clothing – A vintage dress and a soft lilac layer

Hello hello, this monday will officially be the first workday in autumn 2019 it’s crazy that summer on the paper has already gone by. I am ready for some crisp autumn air and sunny afternoons not to speak of some time indoor. Whenever the seasons change I’m always inspired to create […]

Multipurpose clothing – Skirt set 1/2: Nordic tropical

Growing up in Denmark I (we [Danes] ) have learned that summer doesn’t always equals an exceptional craving for cold drinks and lots of sunbathing, some people would describe the Danish summer as a hit or miss situation. I rather like to think that the Danish weather forces us to […]

Best skincare to maximize your selfcare

In my opinion good skincare is the best selfcare, I’ve had very troublesome skin when I was younger. My skin has been acne prone but it was still super dry. I was always very unsecure when I didn’t ware make up. I’ve developed a strong routine that makes me feel […]

Dressing for spring weather

I can’t wait to get dressed for some proper summer weather, we’ve just had the finest days in Denmark during Easter. The temperature has increased to 18 degrees and the sun has been out all day. It’s funny how I’m always more suspicious about the weather during the spring. I […]

Wear dresses more often

Now these pictures are from our beautiful trip to Ærø, but it does not change the fact that I since summer have tried to make my “everyday style” a little more challenging and to more often wear a dress. I feel more powerful when I wear a dress. It doesn’t […]

Visiting Ærø

I was so fortunate to spend half of my autumn holiday on Ærø. I imagined it would be a week of mumbled weather, long calming walks and plenty of hot cocoa. But it turned into 3 days of sun and almost 20 degrees. In such situations it’s fair to feel a […]