Which pieces I can’t wait to wear this fall

I am in love with my new boots, they aren’t preloved. I loved them at first sight and to me they are a classic boot, why they are going to survive in my closet enough years that I can justify to buy something newly produced. 

Of course these boots are one of the items I can’t wait to wear but in this post you will on the other hand also be visually introduced to a perfect white knit and my favourite jacket at the moment aka my other skin. 

I like knitwear but I want my knitwear to be something different from a synthetic black or grey knit, I therefore have made up some general rules for my knitwear. It among others has to be at least 45% pure natural fibers, I can’t breath if it’s all synthetic fibers. On a another note the sweater has to be a style feature, it can be oversize, puffed sleeved or a certain colour. 

This white knit is very oversize, it fits perfect on top of flowy dresses or front tucked into one of my more fitted pair of pants. In these pictures I wore my silk summer dress beneath I’m forever in love with mixed textures in the same colour scheme.

I’m lusting for at brown knit at the moment, you’ll sure discover if I manage to find one. What are your fall desires clothing vise? 

This trenchcoat is my second skin at the moment, the thing I love most about it is the worn look and the massive fit, it toughen up my summer dresses which makes them appropriate for rainy days. Other than that I can report the massive pockets are very practical – almost like an extra bag, says the bag lady over here.

Besides the white knit (all kind of vintage knits actually) and my faded green trench I am looking forward to wear a newly bought leather pencil skirt – of cause one I found second-hand, all kind of shirts tucked into flared jeans – ad loafer for a pure granny/Chanel vibe, surprisingly coloured tights, boots, knee boots, ankle boots and chunky boots – I don’t discriminate, and blazers in all shapes. I really like the tucked in blazer look which I need to try. I recently added a mens grey blazer to my wardrobe, which will look stunning in combinations with warm orange or pink – outfit coming for you 😉 

My favourite thing about dressing for autumn is the art of layering though, so I cant wait to wip out all my good jackets again.

See you next Monday !

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