Multipurpose clothing – A vintage dress and a soft lilac layer

Hello hello, this monday will officially be the first workday in autumn 2019 it’s crazy that summer on the paper has already gone by. I am ready for some crisp autumn air and sunny afternoons not to speak of some time indoor. Whenever the seasons change I’m always inspired to create the most cosy atmosphere at my home, of cause this weekend was no different I redecorated my whole space Saturday morning. I don’t know about you but I always feel like it looks the best it ever has when I just replaced everything, haha I think my mind likes the creative proces of the change.

However, this is a post about a summer dress and of cause a vintage summer dress. I bought this dress when we visited Malmö in the beginning of august, I couldn’t resist the colour and the shape of it. It’s perfect in hot weather but I’m looking forward to style it up in different ways in autumn as well. 

I’ve styled it here as it is and with an extra layer but I’m sure more outfits will come. 

Vintage dresses often makes my day because they allow me to express my style in the most individual way, it’s so rare that you’ll meet someone wearing the same vintage dress as you. On another note the prints and structure of the fabric are often more special, in most cases you can feel that the dresses were made in another era where the details were more appreciated. 

However my favourite feature about vintage dresses tends to be the cut, my body just feels like the perfect size whenever I were one of my favourite vintage dresses, it’s all in the details. Sometime it’s the definition of the waist, structured shoulders, or a deep front. I cannot explain what it is but it’s just obvious that someone has cared about the details and how it fits on the female body. In my opinion everyone can find their own favourite vintage dress, there are so many eras to choose from that it’s not a legal excuse that your body is either too curvy or petit. Myself I’m just a regular size medium, but I often find dresses which are either too tight or too loose for my body shape – what are you waiting for?

Remember to join me here next monday, my next post will be all about which pieces in my wardrobe I can’t wait to style for colder days.

En révision!

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