Multipurpose clothing – Skirt set 1/2: Nordic tropical

Growing up in Denmark I (we [Danes] ) have learned that summer doesn’t always equals an exceptional craving for cold drinks and lots of sunbathing, some people would describe the Danish summer as a hit or miss situation. I rather like to think that the Danish weather forces us to be innovative about creating those summer memories. 

I love the unpredictable Danish summer, I love days indoor reading a book or to walk on a warm beach in 25 degrees Celsius in high sun. The changes in the weather forces us enjoy the summer heat more when it’s finally there. It’s in the contradictions we find love for certain things, on the other hand the weather is rarely bad all day and in the right attire even heavy rain is actually quite nice. I love to go for a walk in heavy rain in the nearest forest, it’s to me one of the most meditative tings to do. 

I thought I would just share some of my favorite things to do in the summer whether it’s warm and sunny or just rainy. 

I silende regn [If it’s heavy rain]

  • Make yourself a boiling hot golden latte and bring it to your cosy spot, take off your socks and cuddle up with a blanket or your duvet, and finally enjoy the drumming rain outside. If you stay there for a longer period go fetch you favourite book of the moment.
  • Go for a walk in the rain and feel the raindrops in your face, take a comforting shower when you return home and maybe continue with the procedure above.
  • Go for a movie in the cinema and remember to get there sharing an umbrella with someone you love.
  • I really like to let my creativity flow when it’s raining, it might be drawing, sewing, or in my case working on new designs for my earrings.
  • Host a movie afternoon with your snacks of choice and favourite people, I’m always in mood for a good thriller or a beautiful movie about life in its imperfections.   

I solskin [When the sun is out]

  • Iced golden lattes also taste sublime.
  • Prepare a picnic and bring it somewhere nice.
  • Go for an ocean dip. 
  • Go for an ice-cream or take a seat in the sun at a café to enjoy an iced coffee. I personally like to walk around between my errands when the weather behaves, I look at people, architecture and just let the streets seduce me and fill me in with inspiration. 

It’s no secret that the climate changes are noticeable in Denmark too, yesterday the temperature reached at least 27 degrees Celsius, a day where an outfit similarly to this would come in handy.

I thrifted this skirt as a part of a set in the spring time. I’ve worn the set a lot, it’s always very convenient with sets because you feel put together but it doesn’t require much thinking. If you want to try the easiness of a soft but put together skirt set I think you should just go for it, I have seen a similar set from Weekday but I’ll of course always recommend that you check your local thrift shop before you support the overproduction of new garments.

When I was strolling around in the coastal towns of Jutland on my recent mini holiday I combined the skirt from the set with a graphical swimsuit. I felt very tropical but in a very Scandinavian way – I think it might have been due to the faded colour combination.

This skirt is perfect in hot weather and it’s very nice for a city life or vacation because it’s soft and comfortable to walk around in all day. Another outfit that would be cool in the summer time including this skirt would be; a black or dark turquoise top with an interesting cut, vintage gold earrings or colourful earrings of my design (of course haha), and some kind of interesting shoe eg. a loafer of a sculptural mule. 

See you next monday, remember to live in the detail.

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