Best skincare to maximize your selfcare

In my opinion good skincare is the best selfcare, I’ve had very troublesome skin when I was younger. My skin has been acne prone but it was still super dry. I was always very unsecure when I didn’t ware make up.

I’ve developed a strong routine that makes me feel good, it has changed my opinion to my own skin. My skin has definitely changed and I’ve become much better friends with my own skin.

In Denmark most people has begun to choose a more sustainable way of living. We overall choose mostly ecologic food and buy a lot of preloved clothes to take care of the environment.

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But we slack a bit when choosing “better” skincare and make up. When I write “better”, it is about, what is in the products and which chemicals have been used in the production.

There was a nice store in Copenhagen, which now sadly is closed physically, but they will keep the web shop going. The identity of the store was to make it easier to choose skincare and make up without all the bad stuff.

The store “Green skin” did chose products that wouldn’t harm the skin or the environment, they select products which have been produced in a eco-friendly way.

I’ve for a longer period chosen skincare with a huge focus on better ingredients and less chemicals. That’s why I’ve changed a great part of my skincare to products from drugstores, doing an effort to get rid of all the harmful chemicals.

This post is an introduction to some of my newly introduced skin products from Green Skin, I have been tested them for a period of four months and I’m really loving my new ritual.

These products are my new skincare essentials:


This ecologic oil is made from almonds and this oil has been rewarded with the very fine certificate Allergy Certified. This oil contains a high concentration of the vitamins E, B and A, at the moment vitamins have been discovered to have a great influence on the human skin.

This oil is moisturizing and healing, it helps to recreate the skin’s natural moist balance together with its antibacterial effect.

I don’t use this oil every day, I sometimes have very dry spots on my cheeks and for this little issue I use this calming almond oil. The oil doesn’t mix up my acne prone skin.


Cattier Comforting SleepingCream

I’ve finally found a new night cream, I was for a longer period used a perfect serum from Nuxe, but it has a huge load of perfume.

I want my night cream to give my skin a nightly refreshing. I love the feel of my skin, when it is fully hydrated and “equalized”.

This Cattier cream has some perfect ingredients for my skin:

Pink clay is rich in minerals and is soothing. Defensil-Plus (from sunflower, tropical fruit and sunflower) which strengthens the skin’s barrels and moisture levels and soothes and reduces inflammation. Organic Pink Damascene water moisturizes and has anti-aging, soothing and anti-oxidant properties. This night cream has amazing cell-renewing properties.

I use the cream on top of my beloved argan oil every night, it has the most beautiful pink colour and nice calm scent. I dap it on my skin with my fingertips and massage my face while applying it.


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I can’t tell you how nice this lovely organic oil is, I massage my face after every night face wash. The area between the eyebrows is a sensitive area, I use my fingertips to massage my face from the area in between my eyebrows to the top of my forehead and the area from my nose to the end of my cheeks.

The oil can be used for the care of the face, body and hair. It contains the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 as well as omega-9, which is very nutritious. Compared to other vegetable oils, Organic Argan Oil has a high content of vitamin E and squalene, which helps with cell renewal.


The thermal water face mist from Avène has been a favorit of mine for many years.

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