Wear dresses more often

Now these pictures are from our beautiful trip to Ærø, but it does not change the fact that I since summer have tried to make my “everyday style” a little more challenging and to more often wear a dress. I feel more powerful when I wear a dress.

It doesn’t have to be that hard to wear a dress, especially long dresses are insanely easy to work with. You can throw a knit on top in the winter months, lots of good jewelry and at the same time have wool tights or jeans underneath. It makes a needed change in my everyday life not just wearing my favorite pants every day.

The dress on these pictures is bought in Red Cross. I imagine it will be brilliant next summer combined with white sneaks or a pair of boots. Contrasting a sweet dress with boots or sneaks makes all the difference to me cause I don’t like to feel too fancy.

I very much hope to have inspired you to become a bit more brave in your “everyday style”. 

Have a wonderful week.

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