Visiting Ærø

I was so fortunate to spend half of my autumn holiday on Ærø. I imagined it would be a week of mumbled weather, long calming walks and plenty of hot cocoa. But it turned into 3 days of sun and almost 20 degrees. In such situations it’s fair to feel a bit lucky, right?

We sailed from Funen in the most beautiful morning sun, that kind which is reddish and warm. It was a beautiful experience to stand on the deck of the ferry and enjoy the calm waves out through Svendborgsund.

Throughout the first day, we did experience the nature of the island with few breaks to fuel up on energy. As some of you know, my boyfriend and I shoot pictures for posters made on Eco-friendly paper. The nature of the island is a cornucopia of good motives. We  went first to Vitsø and later to Voderup cliff. Walking in these surroundings and observing the surroundings surrender to autumn colors gives me the biggest love of living in Denmark and be able to experience the seasons changing.

We spend the second day in Ærøskøbing, which is a small paradise of pastel-colored houses and ornate doors and entrances. 

It may not surprise anyone that I had to visit the local Red Cross. I found a lot of plates that we’ll use to serve eg. butter or envelope bread when hosting dinners. The little dish with the blue flowers I plan to use for jewelry, I like its patina and think it will be beautiful on a bedside table in dark wood with in contrast to a linen bedsheet.

We walked in through a small doorway where there was a sign outside, which promised good coffee and beautiful interior stuff. It turned out to be a wonderful decision to encountered The Monica. The Monica is a luxury boutique hotel where you can eat food made from seasonal ingredients. She only do one serving where there is room for 12, and the concept is that you eat with people you don’t know – so cozy!

She showed us her beautiful shop with lovely coffee table books and pretty lamps, in addition we were allowed to see her beautiful patio as well as the kitchen where you can stay and eat your dinner.


Not a long walk down the street on which you find The Monica we encountered Ærø Whiskey, which is both a cafe and a shop, where they sells whiskey but also gin, delicious lotions and a lot of other things. We did enjoy a coffee in the sun, so wonderful.


The third day we drove back to the ferry in a beautiful sunrise.

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